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Major updates coming in September & October

The Chaingreen team has been working relentlessly over the summer to bring you some major functionality updates in the upcoming months.

Our team grew with a few hard-working members, as well as with some major partners. Here is what you can expect from Chaingreen in the upcoming months :

  1. Pools

Our dev team has been working on the development of the new version of Chaingreen. It will include the much anticipated Pools with NFT plotting. Currently we have a very stable version, which performed well on our test environment and now is being tested on the main network.

2. Blockexplorer

Chaingreen block explorer is in its final stages of development. A few minor improvements over the UI and it will be live on the main network by the end of this month. We have included some additional functionalities, which will benefit all users in terms of data exploration and UX.

3. API

Our team has created a robust API, which would allow for 3rd party products and services to integrate Chaingreen in multiple ways. It would also enhance the ability of Chaingreen to be listed on exchanges, regardless of their type.The API is still being tested, but as soon as we are 110% confident that it works as promised, full documentation will be released on our website.

Our marketing and business development team are also locking down some major product enhancements and uprages. Moreover , the team is in advanced negotiations and in development of something, which has been anticipated by everyone in the community.

We don't want to share too much information in advance, due to NDAs, but just a hint : it involves a CGN/USDC trading pair.

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