Start Farming Chaingreen in 3 Easy Steps

No specialized equipment, no huge electricity bill, no significant capital required

Set up the Chaingreen client

Download the Chaingreen desktop client, which allows you to manage your CNGs from one place with an extremely user-friendly GUI. It is a wallet, a block explorer, and a farmer. Back up the wallet and you are ready to roll!

Screenshot 2021-05-19 at 20.56.56.png

Create a plot

While one plot is 101.4 GiB, make sure you have at least 256.6 GB (239 GiB) free temporary storage on your hard disk or SSD. Once you have enough space, go to the “Plots” tab in the side menu. Fill in the form according to your configuration and create the plot(s). The plot creation will take between 6 and 20 hours, so be patient, this is the only time- and energy-consuming part.

Installation guide on Github

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Farm and get rewards

Once the plotting is done, the hard part is over! Farming is fully automated. Every 18.75 seconds a new block is found, which brings 500 CGNs to the lucky farmer, so you get 4608 chances in a day. The more plots you have, the higher your chance is to win a block!

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Chaingreen Desktop Client

Download Chaingreen's desktop client - a wallet, block explorer, and farmer in one.